Refund Policy

UKLEI´s refund policy depends of the stage of the application. Refunds may only be requested prior to the issuance and/or renewal of an LEI. No refunds will be made after publication in the GLEIS system.

In case the legal entity withdraws its application, or it already has an LEI, or a transfer is requested, the refund policy is as follows:

(a) If the LEI has not been issued yet, the client will receive a refund and the LEI issuance is cancelled. The way the refund is processed depends on the chosen payment method as the client can choose to pay either by card payment or via bank transfer. If the client paid by card and less than 5 calendar days have passed, a complete refund will be made via Nets and the communicated receipt gets credited. If more than 5 calendar days have passed or if the payment was done via bank transfer, a refund via Nets is not possible. UKLEI will request the refund details from the authorised representative of the Legal Entity. UKLEI shall undertake to refund within 14 Days and no interest shall be paid. The receipt gets credited whenever the payback has been made.

(b) If the LEI has already been issued the client will not receive a refund, which is stated in UKLEI’s T&C.

(c) If the client transfers a lapsed LEI, UKLEI collects a payment for the renewal with the transfer request. It is the client’s responsibility to provide all the required documents for the transfer to be successful and client will not receive a refund has started the processing.

(d) If the client transfers their LEI(s) to another LOU and UKLEI has collected a payment for the upcoming renewal no refund is paid.

Kindly note that UKLEI initiates the LEI issuance process once full payment has been received. The receipt is a paid invoice which can be used for accounting.