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About LEI

What is an LEI?

LEI is an abbreviation for Legal Entity Identifier, a 20-character alpha-numeric code. All LEIs are public and registered in the global LEI registry, which is administered by Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF). Every LEI is unique for each entity and enables clear identifications of legal entities participating in financial transactions. Every LEI includes information about the ownership structure. LEIs are used all over the world and were introduced for identifying legal entities and creating a secure trade with securities.

Who needs an LEI?

Since January 2018, it has been a requirement with an LEI for all legal entities trading with stocks and derivatives in the EU. The entities that are required to have an LEI are defined in the ISO 17442 framework, which in short can be defined as entities which are involved with financial transactions. Furthermore the ISO 17442 states that an entity which is involved with certain financial transactions that does not require the entity to register an LEI, still can do so. Since stock brokers and other financial institutes might have internal rules that require an LEI in order to use their services. If you are uncertain if your entity requires an LEI, UKLEI suggests that you contact your local bank or your national financial regulators.

Why choose UKLEI?

  • Swedish based company, which has helped over 100 000 clients since 2014 being one of the leading actors within the LEI system.
  • With secure processes and local data servers in Sweden offering safe data storage and secure LEI issuance.
  • First GLEIF (Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation) accredited LOU (Local Operating Unit) in Scandinavia from 22nd of September 2021.
  • Serves 8 jurisdictions as an LOU: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Netherlands. UKLEI provides LEI services to the United Kingdom through the UKLEI brand.
  • Serves as an official Registration Agent in collaboration with the GMEI Utility for the rest of the world through the EuroLEI brand.
  • Certified in information security according to ISO 27001.
UKLEI offers a tool for KYC and onboarding through our sister company Nordkyc.

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